Why You Need PayDay Loans

  • No Credit Check
  • Get Cash Quickly, Now, and Only What You Need
  • Pay Bills and Avoid Late Fees
  • Avoid Bounced Check Fees and Overdraft Charges

#8 Americash Advance

Americash Reviews

  • America’s leading lender since 1999
  • Trained and dedicated representatives
  • Get money in less than 24 hours
  • Cash advances for extremely low fees
  • Great available customer service

AmeriCash Advance Reviews

AmeriCash Advance is America’s most trusted direct payday loan lender. The company was founded in 1999. Whenever you are bothered by a financial crisis, AmeriCash Advance’s cash advance services will help you to beat the problem successfully. The loans offered by this lending organization are designed for meeting your short-term financial requirements.

AmeriCash Advance will allow you to apply for the cash advances online, through its official website. As AmeriCash’s prospective or existing customer, you will enjoy great customer support. The majority of the consumer reviews available on trustworthy review sites describe AmeriCash’s customer service to be the industry’s best. The company’s customer support representatives can be contacted by dialing 877-369-6700 any time between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm (EST) on weekdays.

Service and Features Review

To get a payday advance from AmeriCash, you will have to complete 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Fill in and submit the online cash advance application form.

Step 2: Submit your current bank statement (send the statement by using AmeriCash’s secured and fast, no fax system).

You will need around three minutes to complete the application procedure. How much money you will be allowed to borrow as cash advance, depends on the law of the sate you reside in. Some US states will not allow you to borrow more than $500 whereas some other states will allow you to take a loan of as much as $1500. The amount will appear in your bank account overnight.

You can also get the amount instantly (within 1 hour of submitting the online application) loaded on the AmeriCash Express ATM Card. To get this ATM card, you will have to fill up a request form available on the company’s website. Once your cash advance application is approved and the AmeriCash Express ATM Card is loaded, you can use the card for purchasing good from most American merchants or for withdrawing cash from all ATMs in the United States.

Other attractive features of AmeriCash’s cash advance services are:

  • AmeriCash Advance’s official website is equipped with 256 bit encryption for protecting all data provided by the cash advance applicants.
  • The applicants’ credit score never influence the company’s decision of approving or disapproving the payday loan applications.
  • You will never be bothered by any hidden charges or surprise rules while dealing with AmeriCash Advance.


AmeriCash is a licensed online payday lender. As a result, every transaction conducted by AmeriCash Advance is strictly regulated by federal and state laws. The company is transparent about its payment policies. It offers the cash advances for much lower rates compared to its rivals. Every applicant is informed about the fees and APR he or she will have to pay. The ‘Fees’ page of AmeriCash’s official website will inform you about the fees and APR you will be charged based on which state you live in.

Final Overview

People in urgent need of some fast money for overcoming a sudden economic crisis, should apply for a cash advance by visiting AmeriCash Advance’s official website. AmeriCash Advance is a direct online payday lender that provides fast payday loans for extremely low fees and rates. According to expert reviews, the company also offers excellent customer care services to all its potential and existing consumers.

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#8 Americash Advance, 5.7 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

4 Responses to “#8 Americash Advance”

  1. Myesha Leamy says:

    I was over asking my good friend for cash. He would sometimes hassle me, which I understand, but I always pay him back right away, so whats the big deal? Oh well, you know how people are. I found this payday loan service and now I dont have to bug my friend. Thats good because I feel like it was causing a riff between us and I didnt want to keep bugging him and lose him as a friend altogether. The other day he asked me why I havent asked him for money in awhile and I told him dont worry about it. He has no clue that I have found a better source for a loan and these people are nice and dont give me a hard time about what the money is going to be used on and when will I pay it back. I always pay it back after, so I am in there clear there. Use this service when you need money fast because then you wont have to ask anyone in your family or a friend. It is really easy to use this service too and I have not had a bad experience even though Ive done it a few times.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  2. Ray Vietti says:

    I have now used this service three times and it was a painless process every time. I like knowing I can rely on the money to be there for bills and then I pay it back right away. It’s hard to get out of the rat race of living check to check, but this has helped me out a lot.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  3. Thao Arnold says:

    I thought signing up for a payday loan would be a huge ordeal, which is why I never bothered with it before. It took a few minutes and I had the money right away. It was so easy! I am so happy I took the time to find out about the payday loan because it really saved me when my phone was going to get cut off. Now I know I have a source for fast cash and I can just pay it back when I have the money. Thanks a lot for offering this service!

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  4. Riley Rodney says:

    I hate asking family for money, but I was in a hard place a few months ago and needed extra money to make ends meet. I took out a small loan and paid it back soon after, so I didnt have to bother anyone, but my bills were still paid!

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