Why You Need PayDay Loans

  • No Credit Check
  • Get Cash Quickly, Now, and Only What You Need
  • Pay Bills and Avoid Late Fees
  • Avoid Bounced Check Fees and Overdraft Charges

#10 Great Plains Lending

Great Plains Lending Reviews

  • Serves all US states
  • Offers next day deposits
  • Allows extended payback time
  • Slightly higher fees
  • Online application available

Great Plains Lending Reviews

Great Plains Lending is a lending organization owned mainly by an Otoe-Missouria based Indian tribe. The company’s primary goal is lending quick money to people in need of a cash alternative urgently. Great Plains Lending’s quick and simple working procedure and low interest rates have made it the country’s premium lending organization. As a first time borrower, you can borrow up to $500. However, once you successfully establish yourself as a trustworthy borrower, you can have loans up to $1000.

If you consult consumer reviews published on renowned review sites, you will find that almost every review praises the company for its simple application procedure and great customer care services. Great Plains Lending has made the loan application procedure extremely easy for the borrowers by allowing them to submit applications online. The company’s customer support team can be contacted via mail, phone and web. Great Plain Lending’s support representatives will listen to you (read your query if you contact them via web or mail) patiently and answer your queries promptly.

Service and Features Review

Great Plains Lending offers short-term installment loans to help people in need of quick cash. These loans will help you to cover unforeseen expenses, prevent checks from bouncing and manage your finances.

  • The company works extremely fast. You will have to submit your application online. Great Plains ensures that all information provided on the online application form remain confidential. Within seconds of submitting your quick cash application, you will know the approved loan amount. Great Plains Lending does not take more than 24 hours to transfer the approved loan amount to your bank account.
  • Unlike most lenders, Great Plains Lending allows the borrowers to pay back their loan amount over several installments. However, if you have enough funds, you can also pay back the entire loan amount at one go (of course without paying any penalty).
  • If you are borrowing from Great Plains Lending for the first time, the company will lend you any amount between $200 and $500. Just one successful deal will be enough to prove your credibility. Once you pay off the first loan, the company will gleefully lend you any amount up to $1000.


According to the majority of the trustworthy and unbiased reviews published online, no other lending organization will offer you loans for such easy and affordable payment terms. Great Plains allows installment payments. The company’s loan terms vary according to the amount of money obtained as loan, usually, it ranges between 4 and 15 months. If you repay your loan within the pre-decided loan term, you will not need to pay any interest. The company has no hidden charges.

Great Plains Lending provides loans for 27% lower rates compared to the payday loans. Moreover, for customers with successful payment records the company further reduces the rates during future transactions.

Final Overview

You will come across hundreds of consumer reviews that claim that there are few lending organizations that offer loans with more affordable and easy payment policies than Great Plains Lending. The application procedure is also exceedingly simple. You will have to submit your application online and you will receive the approval message within seconds. The loan amount will be deposited in your bank account the very next day. The other prominent features of Great Plains Lending are low interest rates and excellent customer support.

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